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The story behind the name Nsahne

How it all started

Who we are and what we do!

Nsahne’s team is a group of driven individuals dedicated to making your life easier. Whether you’re offering your skills or demanding a certain service, Nsahne is your go to directory. So how did we get started and where did the name come from? It’s actually very simple. We realize how hard it is to find technical workers and how hard it is for technical workers to become known, so, we made up Nsahne, a website where you can list your business for free or find a service, also for free. Forget about asking around for advice, we’ve got the best advice, and that’s why we are Nsahne.

How does Nsahne work?

Chat with the provider

Chat with the provider

Get in touch with your technician and talk about your project.

Compare the results

Compare the results

Compare the results you find based of reviews and ratings left by the users before you

Search for a service

Search for a service

Type in the search bar or search the categories for the service you’re looking for

You’re all set

You’re all set

Once approved from both sides, the works can be carried out!

Frequently asked questions

Are there pre-requisites required to get listed?

No, simply enter your contact info, tell us what you do and get listed!

How are the businesses ranked?

The businesses are ranked through ratings; the suppliers with the highest ratings appear on top of the list.

How long will it take to activate my listing?

Once you send your contacts, we will review and publish them, and your listing is good to go!

How many visitors are there on Nsahne?

There are at least 1,000 visitors per day on Nsahne, and the number is growing.

What are the advertising opportunities on Nsahne?

Nsahne will take your online presence to a nationwide visibility and will put you in direct contact with your employer.

What kind of business can be found on Nsahne?

Nsahne gives you access to a large database of multiple ranges of businesses, be it in the technical field, the advertising field, the beauty field and more.

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